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Why choose our vehicle wrapping service?

Want to stand out from the crowd? With our vinyl wrapping service, you can instantly transform the appearance of your car. Available in a variety of colours and finishes, you can achieve an eye catching look which isn’t available using paint. There is a wide range of colours available in gloss or matt finish. Or you can be really different and go for a carbon fibre effect, or turn heads and go glittery! Both the carbon fibre and glitter effect are great options to change up select areas, such as the roof or wing mirrors, giving your car a unique look. A few favourites in our Revolution Rides office include Violet gloss, Anthracite Grey gloss and pink glitter!

If you are considering changing the colour of your car then you will find the cost of a vinyl wrap will be much less than a full respray. Vinyl wrapping will protect your paintwork from stone chips and small abrasions. It can also add to the resell value of your car. Once removed the paintwork will be in the same condition as the day it was wrapped. Usually by choosing to have a respray this can decrease the value as the likelihood is that most resprays are done to cover accident damage whereas a vinyl wrap needs good quality paintwork as a base.

Providing the condition of the paintwork is good to begin with then vinyl wrapping can be applied and removed without causing any damage to the paintwork. The vinyl wrap will only adhere to original new or very good condition paintwork. It will not adhere to or hide deep scratches, scuffs or any poor quality resprays where there is an orange peel effect. It also cannot be applied to vehicles with a peeling clear coat. If a wrap is applied to a vehicle with poor quality paint the finish is unlikely to be smooth and when removed the chances are it will strip the paint off with it, which will leave it in a worse condition and therefore requiring a respray.

Here at Revolution Rides, we would primarily carry out a full decontamination valet to ensure the paintwork is as clean as possible before we begin. We work in a controlled environment to ensure the surface being wrapped remains free of any contaminates or particles which if not removed, would be noticeable under the vinyl. We remove everything possible, including lights, trims and handles to hide the edges of the vinyl and give a crisp, clean finish.

Porsche 911 Carrera S – Full colour change to Hexis UK Ltd Satin Army Green

A recent example of a vinyl wrap carried out here at Revolution Rides is this Porsche 911 Carrera S which had a full colour change to Hexis UK Ltd Satin Army Green. An unusual choice of colour which works really well and certainly catches the eye. To begin with we carried out a full decontamination valet to prepare the surface and remove all contaminants. Any removable parts were taken off, including the lights and handles and wrap cut was applied around the visible edges, such as the inside of the doors to give a clean straight edge.

Each panel was wrapped from one piece of vinyl, starting with the bonnet and roof as these are the largest areas. All edges were finished before moving onto the next panel, working cleanly and efficiently with minimal waste as we went along. Here at Revolution Rides, we have a scissor lift enabling the car to be at a suitable height, so as we wrap each panel all areas can be reached easily without the need of steps and any risk of knocking the car or falling into it is eliminated.

The lift also ensures we can wrap the sills with ease and maintain the perfect finish even on the underside edges. We removed the front bumper and used a rack to hold it in position as this was easier than attempting to wrap the bumper whilst still fitted. Again, the bumper was wrapped from one piece of vinyl with no relief cuts or joins needed. This was probably the most time consuming section to wrap due to the angles and cut outs.

We thoroughly enjoyed wrapping this 911 and love the finished look.

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