Car Paint Protection Film (PPF)

What is Paint Protection Film?

Here at Revolution Rides we are affiliated with Premium Shield, the industry standard in paint protection film. We are trained installers of their Elite Self healing protection film. This is a top coated film which is stain and scratch resistant and protects the cars paintwork from wash marks, stone chips and light scuffs and can be installed to just specific areas such as the front end or to the entire car to keep it looking new. We carry out our detailing service before installation so the film is applied over freshly detailed paint ensuring swirls and scratches are removed first and not visible once applied.

Along with excellent elasticity with the ability to conform to complex curves and shapes, the film has a high shear and tack adhesive, fantastic optical clarity and does not suffer from UV degradation, cracking or staining. The film maintains its clarity and durability over time, even up against a range of environmental conditions. Another benefit is that it makes maintenance washes much quicker and easier and there is no need to follow with a polish or wax.

The Elite Self healing film is an excellent choice to protect the original paintwork from scuffs and marks often caused by catching on a wall or similar, in tight spaces and car parks etc. Usually when these occur then a smart repair would be required to improve the affected paintwork, however this is never a perfect job and will always leave visible buffer trails and an obvious difference in paintwork upon closer inspection. Having the film installed ensures all paintwork remains original and would assist in the resale of the vehicle or returning at the end of a lease. Once protected, any marks to the films will self heal with the use of hot water.

An example carried out here at Revolution Rides is this stunning 2018 Alpine A110 Premier Edition.

We received the car straight from the showroom ensuring it wasn’t driven before being protected. We installed Premium Shield Elite self healing paint protection film to the entire car, including the interior door cards for that extra touch. The film is ordered to the cars specifications and each panel is digitally cut to size, for that perfect fit. Once the car was cleaned and decontaminated here at Revolution Rides detailing centre then the film was installed panel by panel. The gloss levels of this car are incredible and are maintained through the film, and now the paintwork is protected, the owner can drive it with confidence. To complete the protection on this superb car we also ceramic coated the wheels and glass to give the final finishing touches.

We always follow up an installation with a complimentary maintenance wash and check within a couple of weeks to ensure the film is sitting correctly.

Packages can be tailored to your individual requirements. The paint protection film can also be ceramic coated to add a hydrophobic quality where water would bead off, reducing dirty rain marks and again, making maintenance washes quick and easy. Or you could choose for the front end to have the paint protection film installed and the remaining panels to be ceramic coated if you wish.

Please pop into our detailing studio at Unit 8, Amos Road, Sheffield, close to Meadowhall for a chat and consultation to discuss the package we can tailor to your needs.

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